community america @ arrowhead stadium

The Huddle at Arrowhead reactivates a formerly dark, dingy area of the main concourse, transforming the field-level area into an open party deck for all ticket-holders. Activating the connector ramp, 127 interactive LED lights respond to cheers and the Chiefs' Drumline halftime show.

Design Development renderings, 3DS Max.

Per CommunityAmerica's contract, they were given a wide array of potential fan engagement points, including radio, TV, and activation spots. For this campaign, we sought to connect all channels through one basic schedule, beginning 48 hours prior to kickoff. 

Activating the central circulation ramp, 127 RGB LED Philips light strips respond to fan cheers and banging against 1,800 linear feet of aluminum graphic panels. 
Lights programmed with Madrix software to create a seamless show, transitioning every halftime to animate with the Chiefs' Rumble Drumline.

From the Field Level Concourse, we created a sixty-seat deck, with direct views to the field.
With few public spaces for seating beyond the stands, this gave all fans with any ticket a chance to see the game.

Design: Derrick Riley, Larry Fulcher, Beau Easley
Creative Direction: Jeremy Williams
Photography: Dakota Miller & Alex Grigsby
Fabrication: Dimensional Innovations, 4Gen Construction, MarkOne Electricians