Werth family uconn Basketball Champions Center

Known for their prodigious reputation in collegiate basketball, UConn sought the help of DI to recreate the lobby of their basketball practice facility.

With 16 National Championship trophies to display, showcasing the team’s winnings was hardest by its sheer need to pare down potential stories & narratives in order to create one cohesive space to highlight the most important of moments and players.

Upon entry, all crystal Championship trophies are put directly on display behind some 400 sq. ft. of sapphire glass. A 16-foot wide Daktronics board greets visitors with custom attract loops, with animations integrated into acrylic fins with LED lights lining both sides of the lobby toward either the men’s or women’s practice areas.

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Three vertical displays with integrated basketball scrolling devices give fans a chance to view all the content, rosters, and winning games.

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With six on each side, the most prominent players from UConn’s history were chosen to be honored in glass, with a series of eight-foot-tall sapphire glass layered towers, showcasing each player’s greatest achievements during their time on the team.

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Lead Designer: Derrick Riley
Technology: Monica Roesner, Chris Reibschlager, Rob Menteer
Creative Direction: Ryan McDonald
Photography: Alex Grigsby
Turn-key Fabrication & Installation: Dimensional Innovations